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Polyurethane Bumper Pads

Polyurethane bumper pads must be strong, but flexible. The purpose of a bumper is to reduce impact as it comes in contact with another object. The pads must be strong enough to withstand and resist shock and abrasions with enough resilience keep the object moving. High resilience (rebound) material does not absorb the energy of a moving object; instead it maintains its inertia to keep the object moving forward. On the other hand, a low rebound material will absorb the energy and keep the object stationary.

Cast polyurethane can provide both high and low levels of resilience. Creating a product with a polyurethane system backbone allows for a plethora of durable and tear resistant bumper parts. See figure below for examples of 85 Shore A materials:

Polyurethane Bumper Pads Resilience

In these examples, the PPG backbone would results in a very dead bumper pad that would absorb the shock well, while the PTMEG backbone has a high rebound and would give a bouncy feel. The polyester has a higher resilience quality, but with added toughness due to the much higher spilt tear strength.

Cast polyurethane also provides high and low levels of friction. Products such as conveyor V-roller require high levels of friction while bumper pads require a low level of friction. Other factors could come into play with any application.

How can we help? We can custom mold polyurethane bumper pads with high and low resilience and friction, based on your application needs. Our cast polyurethane products are low maintenance and durable. Simply send us your needs with the form on the right to get help on the correct polyurethane bumper pads for your application.

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